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The Owner

Lisa Hansen, a certified teacher and owner of the Math Shack Education Centre has over twenty years of experience in teaching, creating educational programming and managing staff and teachers. Nine of her teaching years were in the classroom at private International Schools overseas and the rest were as a literacy specialist at The Sound Connections Literacy and Language Centre.  Lisa opened the Sound Connections Literacy and Language Centre in Red Deer in 2011.  Through experiencing and seeing firsthand the true success for children who have been struggling with literacy when taught using a multi-sensory approach; it made perfect sense to now offer programming for students who struggle with Mathematics and incorporating that same play and game based multi-sensory approach.  In both literacy and now Mathematics, Lisa hopes to offer a unique way to reach struggling learners by teaching to their specific learning style, to their pace, and meeting them exactly where they are so they can reach their potential and have a lot of fun along the way.

Program Developer

Lacy Bateman was part of creating The Math Shack Education Centre's initial  programs. Lacy is a certified teacher with many years of teaching, managing, research, and program development experience. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree, a Bachelor of Education degree, and a Master of Arts degree from Nipissing University in Ontario.


In 2015, Lacy achieved three Provincial Awards for her exemplary research and development skills. She has also created and administered a play-based curriculum for the Board of Education. Her vast experience with implementing Individual Education Plans for students with both learning disabilities and physical disabilities played a vital role in creating programming for The Math Shack Education Centre, while ensuring it incorporates the ever important multi-sensory approach. While counselling and mentoring students, it further became clear to Lacy that fostering self-confidence is another vital key to student success, and that is why we work to build each student's confidence throughout sessions.

We will do everything possible to help your child reach their full potential in Mathematics and look forward to working with you and your child here at the Centre.

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