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Teacher Testimonials

My vision for The Math Shack Education Centre is to create a place where students can come, whether they are struggling with math or not, and be met exactly where they are at academically. From there, a solid math foundation is set and skills can be built. Building student success and confidence through a fun, game-based, multisensory approach is essential and truly is the essence of the intervention we provide. Through this approach, I've seen students not only develop a stronger, more solid math foundation on which they build their skills, but to then continue to develop math concepts more quickly and with greater ease. To see students finally "get it" happens everyday here and it's because students are having fun while being taught at their pace and to their individual learning styles. Students who previously disliked math are absolutely loving it and many are in fact excelling. It's particularly exciting to see such progress in students who have specific learning disabilities or who struggle with attention and focus issues. Changing the teaching approach is key in helping these learners reach their full potential and we're lucky enough to be able to do that here for these students. Everyday I get to see it work, but most importantly I get to see it work for all students!  Ms. Lisa, Owner

I started working at the Math Shack in March 2016 and fell in love with the supportive staff, energetic kids, and caring parents. I work with a number of students who have a variety of learning styles and our programming fits each and everyone of their needs. The growth that I have already seen in each of my students is remarkable. The Centre has many different resources, creative brain and movement breaks, games, visual anchor charts, and fidgets for the students who need them. Every single student arrives at our Centre eager to learn about Math and cannot believe when session has ended 45 minutes later. I honestly believe that the multisensory approach that we use at Math Shack is what every child needs to be successful in school and in life. Ms. Lana, Instructor

Over the past four months of working at The Math Shack Education Centre I have witnessed so much personal and mathematical growth in each of my students. One of the most amazing things about Math Shack is the rapport that we get to build with each of our students because they learn in a one-on-one or small group setting. Math Shack is special because we get to ask each student about their interests and hobbies and then we incorporate these things into their sessions, making them interesting and relateable. It always makes me smile when students tell me how math used to make them nervous, but ever since they have come to Math Shack they feel more confident and have fun while learning.  Ms. Breanna, Instructor

When I developed The Math Shack Education Centre's programming I had a multi-sensory plan in mind. I know that students learn best when they use all of their learning channels and that is why I developed a session-structure that encompasses visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic math games and activities. We go at each student's pace to ensure that they understand everything that we do in session. We give students strategies that suit their learning style and needs so that they can be successful in math at school and everyday life. Each session covers a wide variety of Alberta Curriculum Expectations because students need to see the connections between all mathematical concepts to build a strong foundation. Our programming meets each student where they are at and builds confidence and math skills that will be used throughout their entire lives. Ms. Lacy, Program Developer, Website Designer, Instructor, and Manager

I have been working at The Math Shack Education Centre for the past three months. It is the most amazing opportunity because I get to work with students with a wide variety of learning styles and needs and watch them succeed at math because of the way that we teach. Most students start out feeling nervous about math, but after their initial screen with Ms. Lacy they are put at ease and cannot wait to start sessions. Students love each math session because they are tailored to every student's interests and hobbies. We make learning relateable and fun so that students can better understand mathematical concepts and strengthen their math skills. Each session goes at the students pace to ensure that they understand all of the material that is being covered. Ms. Danielle, Instructor

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