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Parent Testimonials

My daughter has been in a Grade 1 classroom for the past two years where her math skills remained at a Kindergarten level. Currently, she is in Grade 2, and until recently, she remained at a Kindergarten math level and worse, she was lacking confidence in her math skills. All of this changed when I took her to The Math Shack Education Centre for a math screen. I am so grateful for Math Shack because they meet my daughter's learning needs in a fun, engaging style. Within one month (four sessions), my daughter was adding, subtracting, counting money, and telling time. More importantly, instead of crying about school, she now glows as she shares the skills she is learning at The Math Shack while helping her peers at school. What children gain from Math Shack will extend far longer than their sessions. Their confidence, problem solving skills, and persistence will last them a lifetime. Malayna, Bentley AB

My son struggled with undiagnosed Asperger's until he was 12. I got a phone call from his teacher. My son had mentioned hurting himself. Our world changed after that day. We immediately pulled him from school and our journey began. After extensive testing revealed Asperger's, our next step was to find a way to teach him. Public schools were not an option for us so we tried homeschooling. We had some success, but we knew we weren't giving him every opportunity we could. Our family psychologist suggested Math Shack as a way to compliment what we were already doing. I called and was able to start immediately and haven't looked back since. Our son disliked school, didn't trust teachers, and had no confidence in his abilities. After one month, that has completely changed. He loves his Math Shack teacher, he feels safe again, and he is no longer questioning his learning abilities. He looks forward to coming to the Centre. He has a very special relationship with Ms. Lacy (his math teacher). She teaches to his learning style by using games, repetition, lots of encouragement and humour. She gives our son all the time he needs to learn a concept and always relates it to real life so that he understands why he needs to know what he's learning and how it relates directly to him. This style of teaching has changed his attitude completely about the necessity of math and now I am employing these skills with great success in our homeschooling program. Ms. Lacy has helped to change his attitude about school, himself, his abilities, and his outlook. Our family couldn't be more grateful for what Math Shack has done for our son. Charlene, Clive AB

My son enjoys coming to the Math Shack every week. The sessions and activities are engaging and meet each learner's specific needs. The teachers are prepared to challenge the children once they have secured a strong mathematical foundation. The teachers work to build each student's confidence and this shows in their schoolwork. I would highly recommend this program! Cynthia, Red Deer AB

My son loves Math and couldn't get enough of it so we decided to bring him to the Math Shack to extend his skills. He enjoys the blend of math skills and playing games. The teachers are always making learning fun and the kids have continual smiles on their faces. I highly recommend the Math Shack to anyone who wants their child to have extended math fun! Thank you to the Math Shack for extending my son's math skills. Mandy, Sylvan Lake AB

My son had such a hard time learning math in school with the conventional teaching methods. Thankfully, the Math Shack uses an amazing multisensory approach in sessions that cater to my son's learning style. We have noticed so much improvement in his math facts, telling time, and counting money! We are excited for what's to come in sessions. Most importantly, The Math Shack has really boosted our son's self-confidence. Shauna, Red Deer AB

Our son enjoys his Math Shack sessions and his skills and confidence have grown alot, even in the short time he's been in the program. Math Shack recognizes that children learn in different ways and the great instructors find fun activities and effective strategies to help students succeed. Sandra, Red Deer AB

The initial assessment for both our son and daughter was very helpful in showing us their strengths and the areas of the curriculum that needed extra work. Each day our kids literally run in to their math sessions. Their confidence has increased so much that they rarely have math to work on outside of school. Reviews and tests are so much easier because Math Shack sessions cover a variety of curriculum areas, making our kids prepared before it is time for tests at school. At Math Shack, our kids have rediscovered that learning is fun and that they are smart and capable of learning what is expected of them. Julie and Geritt, Red Deer AB

The Math Shack provides my son with a more individualized support that he does not receive at school. He enjoys coming to The Math Shack because the teachers go at his pace and make every session fun and engaging. The Math Shack has increased my son's confidence immensely. Mike and Shelley, Red Deer AB

My daughter struggled to understand Grade 2 math at school because she is a visual and hands-on learner. I was very excited for the Math Shack to open as this Education Centre uses a visual, fun, movement-based approach. The Math Shack provided my daughter with the necessary tools and confidence to approach math with concrete strategies. We are very happy with the progress that she has made at the Math Shack. We love how the Math Shack teachers have helped her to enjoy math again. Ria, Red Deer AB

My son has been coming to Math Shack since its opening! He calls it the "game shack" because the activities are sensory-based which meets his learning style. His math skills, especially multiplication, have come a long way in such a short time! Patty, Red Deer

Math Shack has been an extremely positive experience for our son. The methods used to teach are fun and engaging, which made our son more willing to learn. The teachers are friendly and fantastic with the kids! They are truly committed to each child's success.

Ivy, Stettler, AB

The initial assessment with Ms. Lacy was so thorough and fun for our son and it really gave us a clear picture of where he was at in the Alberta curriculum. Our son loves coming to Math Shack because everything is done at his pace and all math skills are reviewed as often as he needs. Before coming to Math Shack, he struggled with telling time, adding and subtracting 2-4 digit numbers, identifying and counting money, understanding place value, and multiplication and division facts. This is no longer the case! Math Shack has given our son tremendous confidence in his abilities. He is able to solve a wide variety of math problems and use his Math Shack strategies to help him at school.  Michelle, Red Deer AB

Math Shack has been an amazing experience for our daughter. She is eager to attend each session. The instructor is wonderful and the multi-sensory sessions are perfectly customized for each child's specific needs. It has been very rewarding to see our daughter's confidence build as her skills and understanding of math concepts increase each week. We love Math Shack! Pat and Michelle, Rocky Mountain House

There were times at school where our daughter just sat in math class not knowing what to do with math problems. We knew that we needed to find another way to help our daughter learn math skills and retain them for future use. Thankfully, we found our answer at The Math Shack Education Centre. As soon as we met Ms. Lacy we knew we were in the right place! The initial assessment was so informative and gave us a very accurate reading on where our daughter was at in math. They use such a fun approach with our daughter and she is grasping so many amazing skills! We love Math Shack!  Marina, Red Deer AB

Our daughter was terrified of doing anything related to Math...until we found the amazing Math Shack Education Centre! Now, she counts down her sleeps until she gets to go back to the Centre and solve more math problems. Before coming to Math Shack, our daughter really struggled with adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, counting money, telling time, solving word problems, and identifying fractions. Thanks to Math Shack, she is now excelling in these areas and even won  an award at her school for "Most Improved." We couldn't be happier with the progress our daughter is making at Math Shack and we would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a hands-on problem soliving approach.  Barbie, Sylvan Lake AB

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