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Student Testimonials

I love Math Shack because it is helping me at school. I get to play lots and lots of fun math games. My teachers are awesome at Math Shack. Miller, Age 7

I love Math Shack because the learning is so much fun. I was so nervous about doing Math, but ever since I came to the Math Shack I get excited to work on math and I feel alot more confident in my math skills. The teachers are awesome and they help me learn alot of math skills very quickly, which is different than school. Huntter, Age 9

I love coming to Math Shack because it is really fun. The teachers help make math easier for me because they don't move on to something else until I understand what I am learning. I love all ofthe games we play in session. Kenna, Age 10

I always felt that Math was boring, until I came to Math Shack. At school, math class felt long and tedious and there was minimal teacher interaction and discussion. Math Shack is the complete opposite! I love my teacher because she helps me understand math, problem solve at the whiteboard table, and move around and play math games to help me learn. I really like how the Math Shack teacher explains math to me by using real life situations that make learning math relevant. I understand why Math is so important thanks to Ms. Lacy. Time flies by at the Math Shack and I always wish I could stay longer. Steven, Age 13

Math Shack is great! I like  coming to the Centre because I feel more confident in telling time, counting money, multiplying, and dividing. We always get to do so many fun things! The movement breaks are really helpful!

Ashton, Age 12

I love Math Shack because they introduced me to fidgets which helps me focus and learn. My teacher is so much fun and gives me brain breaks filled with movement when I need them. I have such a good time that I don't even realize that I am doing tons of Math! Vaughn, Age 9

I love Math Shack because I have so much fun playing math games. I love my math teacher because she sets up exciting games like Twister with math questions.

Mia, Age 7

I love going to Math Shack because it is really fun and there  are lots of games for Math. You get to learn about time, shapes, numbers, and money, plus even more math stuff! The teacher helps show me awesome math skills. Callan, Age 8

The Math Shack is like one of those books that are just so good you can't put it down! In session I learn about so many fun things like time, money, numbers, multiplication, division, adding, subtracting, and so much more! It's amazing to come here and my teacher is awesome. Alex, Age 9

I love the Math Shack because it is so much fun! I get to play so many games while solving math problems. My favourite game is relay race Math. I used to struggle with multiplication and division, but now I can multiply and divide three digit numbers because of Math Shack. I learn so many great things every session.  Zadie, Age 10

Math Shack is awesome because I get to learn math through games, rhymes, songs, and lots of movement. I am liking math so much now! Andrew, Age 6


Math Shack is amazing! I love it so much because I am now able to add and subtract three digit numbers. I can also multiply, divide, tell time, count money, and identify 2D and 3D shapes. I learn lots of new math skills while I play games. I love playing baseketball as I do Math. Jensen, Age 9

Math Shack is fun. I love learning how to write numbers. I love all of the games.

Zayan, Age 4

I love Math Shack because it helps me learn my addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. I was nervous about counting money, but my teacher at Math Shack has helped me so much. I really like playing with Money Monster. I always have so much fun when I am learning at Math Shack that time flies by and I can't believe session is over. I count how many sleeps until I get to come back again. Sofia, Age 12

Math Shack helped me understand money, multiplication, time, counting forward and backwards, vocabulary, and so much more. It is so much fun because we play so many activities while doing Math. I always get so excited to see what games the teachers have hidden in the Magic Bags. Math Shack Rocks!

Micheal, Age 9

Math Shack is pretty sweet because I am learning a wide variety of skills that I need in highschool math and everyday life. 

Brady, Age 15

Math Shack was really helpful because they gave me strategies to use in my math classes and trades classes. The teacher made the sessions relevant to me and my hobbies, which helped me grasp more concepts. I liked CUBES because it really helped me understand how to solve word problems.

Ty, Age 16

Math Shack makes learning fun. I like playing hockey while doing math work. The movement really helps me think and remember facts better. Bronson, Age 9


Time flies by at Math Shack because I am always having so much fun! I feel like I was only here for 5 seconds. I am always surprised when 45 minutes has gone by! Isaac, Age 10


Math Shack gives me cool strategies and techniques for learning how to solve lots of different math questions.

Calli, Age 9

Math Shack has helped me improve my math skills by teaching me in a fun, interesting way through math games and activities. Conner, Age 12

I am getting so much better and faster with my math facts because of the help I am getting at The Math Shack. I really love it! Joel, Age 9

Math Shack is the best! I have really learned so many amazing strategies for helping me with math at school. It is so much fun and I love coming here every week! Sam, Age 12


Math Shack helped me prepare and be confident for my upcoming tests. Ava, Age 16

Math Shack helps with boosting your grades and keeping you on track. Keira, Age 16

I came to Math Shack, it was very helpful. I felt very confident after coming here! S, Age 17

Math Shack helped me better understand logarithms and trigonometry! Kendall, Age 17

Math Shack is the best! I get to learn so many fun math skills. My favourite thing is learning about money while I play.

Tyson, Age 6

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